Monday, January 11, 2010

OK... it has been too long, I know... I am putting this up to inspire me to get on with it. I have been painting some ornaments for a xmas house in Hawaii for next year and have lots of ideas for some small paintings too. I am teaching and getting ready to do a demo for the Menlo Art league in Feb. and my LGrec. class on Tue, starting on the 19. I have also been working out at the gym and after a Dr. visit today have GAINED... yes???? GAINED 10lbs I did not need!! GDI. My friends say its muscle, Im going with that and if in the next 6 mo.s I don't loose weight, please keep all fire arms away from me, because that 26 studmuffin trainer may get something he didn't count on!! Making me suffer for what MORE WEIGHT! Ok ok,,, Im ok,... Im going to create more and draw more and be at one with the universe, and Believe.... So wish me luck. Happy New Year to anyone out there listening.