Monday, August 17, 2009

I started a new sketch book. A Moleskin. I like it, I glued some pic on ft. (so I know where ft. is)I sketched on my bday trip. It really is beautiful up in the mts. I was amused by the bird house boot. I used a brown ink prismacolor pen, and found a little stick to attach to the ribbon page holder of my sketch book. A little piece of the mnt. and some aspen leaves.

camping birthday

Ok, be careful what you ask for! I asked to go camping for my birthday. I wasn't specific. I think this is were I went wrong (or in not planning it myself)! We went up to Hope Valley and camped just down the road from our friends friends cabin (THANK GOD). Dave and the dog, Cruz who is 10, took a hike up a mnt. then went swimming in a cold stream, the dog not Dave. So the OLD, Arthritic, dog was cold. We set up our campsite and went to bed. It was 27 that night.... freezing is warmer!!! Dave and I were snugly and warm but the dog. NOT SO MUCH. I thought he was frozen, well he made really pathetic noises and I kept trying to cover him up. Long story short I put him in the sleeping bags with us. Me spooning the dog, Dave spooning me, and my air mattress went flat, slow leak. Lots of rocks. Now I have two bodies next to me and no room to move, and I had to pee. Oh did I mention the bears. NOT that we saw any but there were warnings and the shadows on the rocks from the flashlight at ohdarkthirth, well they look like bears. THEY DO. The next night at the cabin, nice and warm, went out gambling, left the dog with the grandpa and kid, forgot to tell them to let him out before they went to bed. Came home to nice NEWLY remodeled and carpeted cabin and stepped in doggie dodo. Fun I had FUN camping. So on the way home I wanted to sketch (I'll post those later) some more but Dave gets in the car and wont stop. the photo from the car was kind of the scene I thought would make a great painting. WE WILL NEVWR KNOW. So that was my weekend.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Arts in the Garden We had a beautiful day and lovely people. Hope you enjoy the slide show. I was too busy to take more photos "during" the show, but you can get an idea of all of it. Thanks to everyone who came and to all my other artists.