Monday, March 30, 2009

this sketch I did at a party sunday of Lisa, who was sitting across from me. I have been reading An Illustrated life, and It has given me some ideas and motivations. 

These are 2 panels, in acrylic Im working on, I like masks, I keep painting these faces Im trying to think of some words to go with them?? Neither of them is done, the blue background face is a little too real, cute? Im  giving it some gel time. 
Here is the finished painting. Im going to try this one again, I think the greens are too...bla, and I really wanted to have it more abstract, with more line quality. This is something I get in acrylics but it is hard to translate in watercolor, but Im going to keep at it. I think if I add some guash. Stay tooned for more

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Im starting a new painting on hot press paper. Im not sure I like it its a little "light" and is buckling up a bit, but I will press on. here is my start and the photo's Im working from.

Here are my sketches from the Zoo. I was having trouble uploading them on my scanner.
I sketched them in a couple of min. with a black ink pen. I added the watercolor at home.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oakland Zoo

Monday is a good day to go to the Zoo. Except for the rain in the am. it was a great day. I drew a bit, but my niece liked to keep a brisk pace! It felt like an extended weekend, lunch with my cuz's, planting in the yard, dinner with my kids and the Zoo. Tonight is the last w/c class for 3 weeks so Im going to get busy on my last presentation. So.... off to the studio.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ok I have been a little busy, I dropped my IPhone in the gutter while a river ran through it. For about 15 min. then I tried to turn it on.... toast. So I got the new G3. My parents came to dinner, everything went ok. MY FRIENDS mom passed away, I got busy with taking care of some things for her. I taught, weeded, got a new fountain bowl, cleaned the studio, made a couple of collages,  went to lunch, breakfast, lunch and dinner, not exactly in that order but... I also vacuumed. Life has been busy and I have had to wear many masks... so for your enjoyment here are some masks.